The Power of Body Dialogue: How Conversing with Your Body Can Unlock a Healthier You - Part I

The Power of Body Dialogue: How Conversing with Your Body Can Unlock a Healthier You - Part I

It's time to get "woo woo." 

You're about to learn methods and psychologies which can help you feel and look better using just one basic, overlooked method. And it can help with your entire body, not just your oral health.

It's very simple, and a bit "out there", but I'm sure you will like it after you prove to yourself its efficacy.

Read the article below slowly, mindfully. Don't let this be just another reading binge. Read it carefully, take 20 minutes and do it. It can change your life if you have an open mind.


Talk to your body to address pain

Is Your Body Troubling You Somehow? Try This.

In the pursuit of a healthier body, you may have turned to diets, exercise regimens, sleep schedules, pills, supplements, and doctors hoping they will provide answers to your goals or problems.

Maybe you want stronger muscles, more flexibility, to feel healthier, avoid illness, or settle a long-standing issue with more elegance such as allergies, headaches, oral health, recurring stress, and even more serious issues like diabetes and cancer.

Yet, despite your best efforts, you may still feel unsatisfied or unable to achieve optimal well-being in whatever regard is important to you.

What if there's a missing piece to the puzzle, an often overlooked approach that could revolutionize your health?

Surprisingly, it lies right within you - by engaging in a dialogue with your body.

Unlock a better you

Body Dialoguing is Key, Transformational and Extremely Practical 

Many people think that talking to ones body is woo-woo "new age" nonsense. It only sounds that way when you don't have knowledge of how it works. The truth is you are always in a two-way dialogue with your body, you just aren't listening to it or engaging it in the proper manner.

When you delve deeper into understanding what it is saying and how it can benefit you, you'll understand its power and benefit from your new relationship to it.

This article will explore the transformative potential of conversing with your body to understand its needs, unlock its innate wisdom, and achieve a healthier, more vibrant you in short order if you are committed.

And the method is extremely simple: get quiet, talk to your body, ask it questions, wait for answers, and act on them if appropriate.

First, some foundational concepts you must accept before you dialogue with your body.

 Back to basics on body health

Foundation Concepts to Unlock Your New Relationship With Your Body

Concept #1 : Your body is a living miracle and your loyal partner for life. Treat it that way.

Imagine having a constant companion who supports you unconditionally, never leaves your side, performs thousands of essential functions every single second your heart is beating, and seeks to keep you in perfect balance at all times without question.

Your body is precisely that loyal partner. It serves as the vessel for your experiences, emotions, and aspirations. Your heart is always beating (politicians aside), blood is flowing, digestion underway, temperature is regulated, and countless other processes out of your conscious awareness are performed each and every second you are breathing.

Isn't that generous of your body?

Your body is a marvel, a massively complex and miracle machine which is capable of a great deal of actions and experiences without your conscious involvement.

By acknowledging and appreciating its unwavering dedication and its miraculous ministrations, you lay the foundation for a deeper connection and embark on a journey of improved health.

Listening to your body

Concept #2: Your body is constantly talking and listening to you.

Every day, your body communicates with you through an intricate web of sensations, emotions, and signals. It never "turns off". It is always listening to you. It is constantly on alert to your thoughts, desires, and actions and responds to all of it almost instantly.

Isn't that fascinating? It is more intelligent in many ways than your conscious awareness.

Moreover, it is talking to you via feelings, signals, pain, comfort, pleasure, and much more.

By becoming aware of this and developing an active dialogue, you create a space for your body to tell you what is happening, what it needs, and how you can help each other.

Old fashioned radio, gramophone

Concept #3: Be aware of signals, large and small

You body is constantly telegraphing feedback of its current state. Many of these cues are subtle, and in our fast-paced, distraction-infested lives, it's easy to overlook them.

However, by practicing dialoguing and tuning into these signals, you unlock a wealth of valuable insights.

For example, after dialoguing with your body, you may become aware of how certain foods affect your energy levels or how specific activities impact your mood. See how sitting a certain way makes you feel less energetic. Note that trolling through social media in the morning drains your energy.

These are some example insights you can gain from dialoguing.

Regularly check in with yourself to assess your well-being and identify areas that require attention. By fostering this heightened awareness, you forge a deeper connection with your body, promoting holistic health.

Happy healthy man

Concept #4: Your body is its own greatest doctor.

Your body is intelligent and knows how to heal. If it isn't healing and nothing seems to help you, then visiting a doctor is a good idea.

Nonetheless, your body is its own greatest healer and intuitive. It knows what is going on in your body with much more depth than you. Your body can lead you down the right path once you dialogue with it. The answers provided may include doctors and it may not.

It could be you need to make an adjustment in your diet or you should get more movement on a daily basis, or you should stop using that alcohol-ridden mouthwash (hint hint: buy Oral Snoberts instead!). You wouldn't need a doctor to tell you that!

The trouble is most people have been conditioned to instantly outsource their health to the medical industry when something goes wrong. Rather than  becoming aware of their bodies on a deeper level, many are instantly on the phone making an appointment with their healthcare professional when a more direct (and much less bureaucratic!) option is available.

Note: this is not a polemic against doctors or receiving medical care. Medical professionals play a vital role in offering valuable expertise and guidance when all else fails. If you have a life-threatening emergency, then get medical care right away. Dialoguing should be used as an adjunct to sensible medical care, not a replacement. 

However, it's essential to recognize that your body possesses innate healing abilities and intuitive wisdom. Fostering a dialogue with your body taps you into this inherent intelligence. Trust in its ability to guide you towards the right path for healing and well-being. Engage in open conversations with healthcare providers while also honoring the wisdom within.

Thank you - expressing gratitude

Concept #5: Send body appreciation

Just as a friendship thrives on appreciation, expressing gratitude to your body can have a profound impact on your health. Take a few moments each day to thank your body for its resilience, strength, and the countless functions it performs effortlessly. Appreciation is power and you will feel better when you express gratitude.

Embrace positive affirmations that promote self-love and acceptance. By sending appreciation, you create a harmonious relationship with your body, fostering a healthier and happier you.

Healthy lifestyle choices - diet and exercise

Concept #6: Proper diet and exercise

You've heard it before ad nauseam, but it is true - what you eat and how much exercise you are getting are crucial attributes for whole body health. If you value health, longevity, and even youth, then eating better, staying hydrated, and exercising will make a huge difference. You will be stronger, more alert, have more energy, and feel and look a lot better.

Your body craves healthy foods and it wants to move. It wasn't put on this earth to sit in front of a computer or drool in front of a phone all day. Get outside, go for a picnic and bring the watermelon!

We will go into much more detail on food and exercise in future articles. Subscribe to our newsletter to read part 2. It's free and you'll get insights nobody else does. 

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