Powdered Mouthwash FAQ

Why should I switch to the Oral Snoberts brand of powdered mouthwash?

Simple - mainstream mouthwashes are riddled with alcohol, potential toxins, and bizarre mystery chemicals which destabilize your delicate oral microbiome.

In other words, most mainstream mouthwashes inadvertently "attack" your entire mouth to rid if of bacteria. It's like throwing a nuclear bomb on a colony of ants. Overkill!

Our approach is to balance your mouth by reducing acidity, not attack it.

Moreover, many dentists now advise against using mainstream mouthwashes citing that alcohol creates a dry, acidic environment where it eats away at your enamel. Incredible!

We align with the dentists. We also believe you should be able to pronounce the ingredients in plain English, not need advanced Latin to understand them!

Our ingredients are derived from plants, lab-tested and completely transparent. No mystery or wizardry about what you are consuming.

Compare Mint Condition Rinse with the ingredients of any "Big Mouthwash" brand and the choice is simple - Oral Snoberts is better all around.

Does your product contain "natural ingredients"?

We've made an ethical decision to refrain from calling our products "natural" for two reasons:

  1. There is no official definition of "natural" and
  2. "Natural" as claimed by many companies does not necessarily mean "good for you" !

Think about it - you can buy "natural chocolate chip cookie dough" but being labeled in such a manner does not mean it is healthy.

Moreover, the FDA itself doesn't quite know how to define a "natural" product!

The only guidance they have given is that a "natural" product must not contain any artificial dyes or flavors. Our product meets this criteria - so in that light, our oral rinse powder can be called "natural".

But by and large, most companies will claim their product is "natural" to hook you into buying their stuff when they don't even know what it means or if it can truly be called as such.

Basically, "natural" just sounds good and works on a loophole in psychology of associative conditioning: natural = good.

While our product helps get users a healthy mouth when used an addition to regular oral care and contains no dyes or artificial flavors, we will not call it "natural" until there is a more solid, official, commonly-accepted definition of the word.

Call it ethics!

What are the ingredients? It's it vegan-friendly, non-GMO, etc?

We are proud to say our Mint Condition Oral Rinse Powder is vegan-friendly (free from animal products and byproducts), is non-GMO, and contain no harsh chemicals. Made in the USA.

We picked our ingredients based on three criteria - they had to:

  1. demonstrate efficacy in lab tests on oral health 
  2. contain only what was needed (no dyes, sulfates, etc). Only 5 main ingredients!
  3. be in plain English

Here is a list of what each bottle of Mint Condition Rinse Powder contains starting with the 5 main ingredients:

* Baking Soda
* Prickly Ash Bark Powder
* White Oak Bark
* Green tea leaf
* Clove bud

There are also four enhancers, including one prebiotic:

* Inulin (a prebiotic)
* Natural Flavor
* Silicon Dioxide
* Stevia Leaf Extract

No alcohol, harsh chemicals, dyes, or unpronounceable nonsense. Just "back to basics" clean ingredients from our beautiful Earth.

What kinds of benefits do your ingredients provide?

The ingredients we selected had to pass two stringent tests:

1) They had to be backed by lab tests to demonstrate efficacy in promoting oral health.

2) They had to be "plain English" ingredients so they are easily recognizable and understood.

Here are our 5 main ingredients explained with accompanying links to research or doctor-approved findings:

Green Tea:

Promotes oral health on several fronts:



Effectiveness in reducing inflammation:


Prickly Ash Bark

Promotes oral health on several fronts:


White Oak Bark

Effectiveness as an anti-septic and anti-inflammatory:


Baking Soda

Effectiveness as an anti-microbial, teeth whitener, pH balancer:


Does your product help whiten teeth?

Baking soda, one of our main ingredients, is commonly known to be a reliable teeth whitener. With repeated use and a sensible diet and oral care, the baking soda in our formulation will help to whiten your teeth.

Since your product contains baking soda, does it contain aluminum?

Baking soda contains no aluminum. You might be thinkin of baking powder which has trace elements of aluminum in some cases.

We do not use baking powder, just baking soda which is aluminum-free!

How often should I use the oral rinse?

As a rinse

Our oral rinse can be used daily in tandem with your regular brushing and oral care regimen.

Also consider using it right after you have a meal - especially if it is acidic (soda, coffee, tea, wine are the worst offenders).

As a brushing enhancer

Use once every 2 or 3 days. Our formulation contains baking soda which is a natural tooth whitener, pH balancer, and mild abrasive. It is best to keep to this schedule (or even spaced further apart) as overuse while brushing can erode the teeth. Moderate this part and, as always, consult with your dental health professional.

Note that our mouthwash is not a replacement for brushing and flossing or established oral care. Consult your dentist for best practices.

When is the best time to use Oral Snoberts mouth rinse?

The powder is excellent at reducing acidity in your mouth. Suggested is to use it right after consuming acidic beverages or carby, sugary foods such as coffee, tea, wine, kombucha (yes, kombucha is acidic!), soda, or as part of your regular daily oral care regimen. It's highly versatile - the choice is yours!

Can the powder be swallowed?

None of our products are designed to be swallowed. Treat it like you would toothpaste or your regular mouthwash – to be used, then rinsed and spat out. 

Why does your product say "dietary supplement" if it is a mouthwash?

Short answer: FDA Regulations and “Point of Manufacture” (how it is made).

Point of Manufacture

This is who or what produces our product. We use an FDA-approved supplement manufacturing company in the USA to assemble our line. We chose this way to pass savings on to you.

Because they manufacture supplements, they must label their (and our) products as such – dietary supplements.

This makes sense, as you wouldn’t want a cosmetic company producing labels claiming eyeliner was a consumable food, e.g, “For Human Consumption”.

If we had a choice and could assign our product a category, it would be “oral rinse supplement” or “mouth rinse supplement”, not “dietary supplement.”

FDA Regulations

But the FDA isn’t quite this flexible. Our product was created in an FDA-approved supplement facility. Therefore, we are forced (legally required) to use the phrase "Dietary Supplement" on our labels, even if it does not accurately reflect the product. This is one of the failings of a very stringent bureaucracy and is out of our control, sadly!

Bottom line – we must include “dietary supplement” on the label for legal reasons.

Lastly, the product was not designed to be swallowed. Rinse, then spit out as directed.

How do I pronounce "Oral Snoberts"? And who is he, anyway?

It's pronounced "Oral Snah-berts", as in, a snob. He is our illustrious, 19th-century mouthwash tycoon and quite snobby about what goes into his mouth (can't you tell?)

He has an interesting story - more on him later, but for now, he is our mascot. He's very much like that warm uncle who always brings you the coolest gifts during the holidays. Tally-ho, old chap, and all that!

I need support. How can I get it?

The fastest ways to reach us is through our contact form. We respond very quickly to all comments and inquiries.