Don't Brush After Eating? 5 Tips For a Healthier Mouth

Don't Brush After Eating? 5 Tips For a Healthier Mouth

Protect Your Tooth Enamel
It sounds counter-intuitive, but brushing after drinking can harm your teeth. Here is why.

Enamel and How it Protects You

First, you have probably heard of "enamel" if you have ever visited your dentist. Enamel is a thin but very strong layer on your teeth (strong than bone!) which shields it from cavities, disease, and even infection.
When you eat or drink, your enamel is temporarily reduced. It needs time to re-mineralize and get back to its original state.
If you brush while it is still recovering, you can potentially make things worse. The stiffness and brushing action aggravates your teeth and gums while they are less than shielded.
Instead, wait about 30 minutes before you brush.

Don't want to wait to brush? Try this instead. 

However, you are probably like most people who don't like having a gunky, mealy feeling mouth after drinking coffee, tea, wine, or anything leaving a bitter aftertaste.
Note: this bitter aftertaste is most likely acid build up, which you definitely don't want in your mouth. Oral Snoberts balances this out.
So what's the solution? How can you make your mouth feel fresh again right after eating without brushing?

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5 Alternatives to Brushing After Eating

There are several things you can try:
  1. Rinse with water. Yes, our sustainer of life is a great way to freshen up and is a natural pH balancer. Just take 30 seconds after eating to rinse with water. 
  2. Chew gum. Chewing gum helps you produce saliva which, under normal circumstances, helps pH balance your mouth. Gum with xylitol is currently recognized as very pro-teeth. 
  3. Rinse with Oral Snoberts. Humbly, the best option (yes, we are selling it!). Our powdered formula pH balances the mouth using only 5 main plain-English ingredients including baking soda. The mixture is gentle on your teeth (no bristles) and it really makes your mouth feel natural, hydrated, and clean. No alcohol, rubbish, strange chemicals or burn.
  4. Remember to follow a sensible, water-rich diet and exercise regimen. Many health issues of the mouth arise because people do not take care of their bodies. Invest in taking daily walks, go to the gym (and exercise!). Get out there and MOVE!
  5. Hydrate. It's estimated that nearly half of all US adults only drink half of what they should per day. Increase your daily intake to one 8oz glass per hour and see how your body reacts. You may like the results.
Verdict: pay attention to your overall body health and habits. You'll see improvement in your mouth health. And as always, follow the recommendations and advice from your dentist or professional healthcare practitioner.

Oral Snoberts Mouthwash

Use Oral Snoberts Mouthwash. Not only is it a wonderful daily mouth rinse, but it is safe to use right after eating to help balance your mouth out. Because it reduces acidity, it may even speed up the enamel remineralization process!
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